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Political/PR simultaneous interpreting


Our conference interpreters are regularly contracted for very important tasks, during which we have the pleasure of accompanying VIPs such as the leaders of powerful companies, or even the most popular media figures on business visits.

This type of accompaniment requires strict protocol, which our team has followed for nearly 15 years now. As with any convention, we prepare weeks in advance. Interpreting during an official visit involves researching current events, challenges and promotions, which the interpreter must absolutely be aware of in order to understand, anticipate, grasp, and be as accurate as possible during their simultaneous interpreting.

Our work presents major challenges, which makes it high-stress, but very rewarding! Below is a list of some of our teams’ achievements:

Simultaneous interpreting in politics (President of the French Republic, Élysée Palace, ministers, delegations)

Simultaneous interpreting of bilateral meetings (WHO, NATO, European Commission, UN)

Simultaneous interpreting for CEOs (aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, banking, public works, transport)

Simultaneous interpreting for celebrities and PR (actors, singers, models, Cannes film festival, Fashion Week, TV interviews)

Simultaneous interpreting of communication boards 

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